Free Phone Number

Most people need a phone number, whether its for business-related purposes or just general use for your friends and family.  Either way, a phone number matters.  Phone Numbers are known to cost money, especially at places like Metro, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and more.  Lots of people cannot afford Phone Numbers, including students.  We have a solution for you, even if your budget is $0.  TextNow is a company that gives you free and unlimited texting directly from your computer, tablet, TV, or phone across the USA.  You can create a free TextNow account at  A screenshot is posted below of an example of a TextNow conversation via Texting:

You can choose your own area code for your phone number on TextNow.  You can keep your phone number forever as long as you use it frequently.   You do not even need to put in any credit card or other financial details to create your free account.  Enjoy TextNow!