A secure alternative to Gmail.

Gmail is one of the most popular mail services in the world.  It has around 1.6 billion people.  Much like CloudFlare, and googles other services, Gmail tracks every little thing you do.  Gmail also often has errors like unable to send an email to a certain address that works, trouble losing emails, and being slow.

We are happy to give you an alternative to Gmail which is more secure (the more secure Email service in the world) and more efficient.  This is called, Tutanota.

Tutanota is absolutely free, with no ads and they do not spy on you.  Tutanota also offers Android and iOS Support.  They also have a great design that is user friendly.  Lots of people are switching to Tutanota as it is way more secure than Gmail (and most other email providers), and it is also user friendly and lots of people also agree it does have a better design and is easy to use.  You can create a Tutanota account for free at https://www.tutanota.com/