A blog platform without a database.

So, most blogging platforms and CMS's in general use a database, usually PostgreSQL, MongoDB, or MySQL.  Lets say you have a server but it doesn't have enough disk space or even RAM (memory) to run any of those databases!  Well, we are happy to tell you a solution.

HTMLy is a CMS and Blogging Platform which is lightweight, free, fast, and has no database.  You can run HTMLy on a PHP Version as low as PHP 5.3 and even on shared hosting.  No VPS or dedicated server is required to run HTMLy either.  With HTMLy being a great alternative to WordPress, HTMLy is also a bit similar to WordPress, so if you are familiar with WordPress, you will most likely understand HTMLy's interface easily and fast.

HTMLy contains features like this:

  • Admin Panel

  • Markdown editor with live preview and image upload

  • Categorization with category and tags (multiple tagging support)

  • Static Pages (e.g. Contact Page, About Page)

  • Meta canonical, description, and rich snippets for SEO

  • Pagination

  • Author Page

  • Multi author support

  • Social Links

  • Disqus Comments (optional)

  • Facebook Comments (optional)

  • Google Analytics

  • Built-in Search

  • Related Posts

  • Per Post Navigation (previous and next post)

  • Body class for easy theming

  • Breadcrumb

  • Archive page (by year, year-month, or year-month-day)


  • OPML

  • RSS Feed

  • RSS 2.0 Importer (basic)

  • Sitemap.xml

  • Archive and Tag Cloud Widget

  • SEO Friendly URLs

  • Teaser thumbnail for images and Youtube videos

  • Responsive Design

  • User Roles

  • Online Backup

  • File Caching

  • Auto Update

  • Post Draft

  • i18n

You can get HTMLy today for free at https://www.htmly.com/