What's the right OS for you?

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What's the right OS for you?

(fun fact: it was proven that Android is better than iOS in almost every way)

Windows isn't always the way to go:

So, there's a lot of different OS's out there on the internet, with a majority of them being based off of the Linux Kernel.  A huge majority of people also use Windows and Mac.

Why you should use Linux:

You might be thinking, "There's no point in switching to Linux, I like the OS I use right now".

Well, let's talk about Apple Mac first.  Mac is made by a company that practically scam's its customers (Apple).  Apple charges a ridiculous amount of money for features that you can add to almost any phone for free.  macOS and iOS are extremely limited.  You can barely customize anything.  To even use macOS you need to buy a MacBook or an "iMac" desktop.  There is a tool called Hackintosh which gives you the ability to run macOS on a machine that is not supposed to run macOS, but it is not fully reliable and it is not legal.  You're better off using an Android phone instead of macOS.

Now, moving on to Microsoft Windows 10:

Windows 10 itself is not bad, it's good for businesses and other work.  A huge problem with using Windows 10 is, it is extremely more vulnerable to malware than other OS's.  Windows 10 is not very lightweight either, if you are running a machine with low specs, a great alternative is Windows 10 S.  Windows 10 S is Microsoft's new lightweight operating system. It's meant to be cheaper, more lightweight, and less processor-intensive than Windows 10 Home or Pro, the versions of the OS found on most laptops and desktops today.

Ubuntu Gnome (Linux based OS):

Linux based OS's are thought to be one of the hardest OS's to use.  This is true, and not true.  There will always be OS's that will be easy to use, and hard to use.  Heres an example: Ubuntu Gnome is easy to use for general work, but CentOS 7 (shell-only version) is extremely hard to use unless you know its commands.  Ubuntu Gnome comes with a nice UI, a fast system, and is less vulnerable to malware than a ton of other OS's.  You can even run Windows Applications (.exe) on Ubuntu Gnome by installing a simple software called wine32 by simply opening the shell and typing apt install wine.  Ubuntu Gnome also provides a "Getting Started" window to introduce their new users to Ubuntu Gnome and show how to use it.

Here are some screenshots of the Getting Started window on Ubuntu Gnome:


If you're looking for a very resource-efficient OS that is easy to use and which you can learn about quickly and easily, also having a lower risk of vulnerability to malware, we recommend you use Ubuntu Gnome.


If you're looking for an OS that is easy to use, lightweight, fast, and stable, we recommend you use Windows 10 S with a third-party antivirus.


If you're looking for a very quick OS to use when you're in the need to quickly search something and/or quickly run something, no matter if the OS itself is very limited or barely customizable, we recommend you use macOS.  Keep in mind, Apple macOS Has many flaws, and is terrible.  It is barely customizable and and the overall layout is just literally stupid.