What AntiVirus should you use?

Coronavirus quarantine Blog Post #4

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AntiViruses are one of the most common software ever.  They are on the majority of desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.  Some devices even come with a built-in AntiVirus like Windows and ChromeOS.

What does an AntiVirus do exactly?:

An AntiVirus is a software that detects computer threats (viruses/malware) and eliminates them.  Some AntiViruses have a Firewall included.  A firewall is a system that does not allow any hackers or network attackers to attack your network.  This also limits what ports are open, if a certain port is open, attackers can access that port and use it to get into your network system and steal data.  A port is a number that certain services like your wifi connection and firewall run on.  A firewall could run on port 2055 (random number), and if port 2055 is not open, the firewall will not work.  The same goes for your wifi connection.

If you need an AntiVirus with a firewall for a business or company or are looking for an extremely good paid one:

We recommend Norton Security AntiVirus if you need an AntiVirus for a business/company.  Norton Security is a paid AntiVirus, but it does have an amazing virus database with people working on it 24/7.

If you need a free AntiVirus with a decent firewall included:

We recommend Avast AntiVirus if you absolutely need a free AntiVirus with a firewall integrated.  Keep in mind, it does not remove viruses for you since it is free, it only detects them and notifies you when it detects one.

If you need a very good free AntiVirus without a fully built firewall:

We recommend Kaspersky.  Kaspersky is an amazing AntiVirus without a firewall included.