Is WordPress safe?

WordPress, is it safe?  WordPress is used by tons and tons of websites.  Large companies also use WordPress.  You may see some ad's saying "building a site with WordPress is like using a chainsaw to cut food".  Well, this is not necessarily true at all.  WordPress is great for building websites, even though some people think static HTML, CSS, and/or JS Code is better.  It doesn't sound convincing, but your site can sometimes even be faster with WordPress!  WordPress also offers a ton of plugins making it easier for you to add new things to your websites, like a Dark Mode, live chat, announcement bar, and tons more.  You can also create a new page in one click instead of having to copy a file and then modify its code (which is what you would have to do if you had a static HTML website).  You can also create blog posts, change the site name, create more users, make a forum, make a social platform, make a URL Shortener, and even install an SEO suggestion system, all without having any knowledge of coding.  WordPress will save you hours of time from building websites.