Does your internet provider spy on you?

Coronavirus quarantine Blog Post #3

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It is a fact that your ISP (Internet Service Provider) spy's on what you do on the internet.

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Without LimeVPN, your ISP Has access to view every single thing you do on the internet.  Even when you are talking to your friends or family, they have the ability to see all the messages you send.  When you use LimeVPN, your connection is proxied through the LimeVPN blazing fast servers so your ISP is blocked from seeing what you do on the internet while you are connected to the LimeVPN Servers.  Without connecting to LimeVPN, ISP's also have the ability to sell your data.  ISP's use the data from what websites you visit and use it to put ad's on some websites you visit related to the sites you visit, much like how YouTube gives you ad's based on the videos you watch on YouTube (they do this by tracking you).

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