Android vs iPhone

Coronavirus quarantine Blog Post #11

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Android vs iPhone.  Android provides more free apps, it's UI Is more customizable.  Android also runs off of the Linux Kernel, and the Linux Kernel is very stable, unlike the iOS Core.  iPhones are also very overpriced, the terrible iPhone 11 cost about $1,000, while its worth way less than that, with pretty much the same features as the previous iPhone, just a bigger screen with more cameras.  A android phone with a single camera has better quality than an iPhone with multiple cameras and a huge screen.  Safari Browser on iPhone's also do not support as much content as Samsung Browser, or Firefox browser does, like new versions of HTML5, Javascript, Bootstrap, CSS, and more.  Apple didn't put headphone jacks?  What?  That's right, they didn't even put a headphone jack in their smartphone.  Who does that?  Android also has more login options and customizable firmware.