A secure and safe alternative to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Coronavirus quarantine Blog Post #9

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Facebook is a great social media platform, same with Twitter and Instagram.  The problem with all of these platforms, is they all track you.  When you turn your location off, Facebook still tracks your location.  This is a serious privacy issue that Facebook says is for "user verification".  Twitter does the same thing, along with them giving you ads based on your data.  Instagram listens to you and literally gives you ads based on what you say.

A great alternative to these social media platforms is Mastodon.  Mastodon is an open source social media platform written in the Ruby language and JavaScript.  Mastodon is fully secure and used by over 500,000 people.  Mastodon also provides a mobile app for Android and iOS.  Mastodon also provides a direct/private messaging feature so you can privately message one of your friends.  Another alternative to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, if you need file sharing, video calls, voice calls, messaging (group chat messaging and private/direct messaging), photo sharing, a Note Taker, and more is Swivro Portal.