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What is open source?

What is open source? Well, open-source is not very hard to understand.  Open Source means the product which you are calling open source has its original code free to everyone to use, redistribute, and modify.  There are a lot of things that are open source, such as  Rocket.Chat, Firefox, Chromium, VLC Player,   Libre Office, and more.  All of this software has its code open to the public.  For example, Rocket Chat has its source code available to anyone at  You can download it at any time and modify it all you want.  Swivro™ even has some open source projects, like Concerto Browser, and FusicTube YouTube Player.  If you make your software/app/website open source, it could also help promote your website.  Users could use your software, rename it, modify it, and credit your website so other people will be interested in its origin and go to your source code. SHOULD YOU MAKE YOUR APP OPEN SOURCE?: The answer is yes, and no.  If you want to try pr

Is WordPress safe?

WordPress, is it safe?  WordPress is used by tons and tons of websites.  Large companies also use WordPress.  You may see some ad's saying "building a site with WordPress is like using a chainsaw to cut food".  Well, this is not necessarily true at all.  WordPress is great for building websites, even though some people think static HTML, CSS, and/or JS Code is better.  It doesn't sound convincing, but your site can sometimes even be faster with WordPress!  WordPress also offers a ton of plugins making it easier for you to add new things to your websites, like a Dark Mode, live chat, announcement bar, and tons more.  You can also create a new page in one click instead of having to copy a file and then modify its code (which is what you would have to do if you had a static HTML website).  You can also create blog posts, change the site name, create more users, make a forum, make a social platform, make a URL Shortener, and even install an SEO suggestion system, all with

April 2020 Swivro Data Loss

On April 22nd 2020, a configuration with the main swivro website and all of it's projects was changed.  This caused an error with the PHP Version we had installed, causing us having to reinstall php modules, and causing databases to become corrupted.  We were able to fully recover all of our project's data and our users data, but had to restore a backup of our main website from a snapshot we had created earlier.  Unfortunately, this will currently stop the Swivro Coronavirus Quarantine blog post series aswell, but we will continue to post new blog posts somewhere from once a week.  We have taken necessary precautions and are now taking backups of every single file often, as we used to take backups every 1-2 weeks before. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Android vs iPhone

Coronavirus quarantine Blog Post #11 ( what is the coronavirus quarantine blog post series?  click here to find out ) Android vs iPhone.  Android provides more free apps, it's UI Is more customizable.  Android also runs off of the Linux Kernel, and the Linux Kernel is very stable, unlike the iOS Core.  iPhones are also very overpriced, the terrible iPhone 11 cost about $1,000, while its worth way less than that, with pretty much the same features as the previous iPhone, just a bigger screen with more cameras.  A android phone with a single camera has better quality than an iPhone with multiple cameras and a huge screen.  Safari Browser on iPhone's also do not support as much content as Samsung Browser, or Firefox browser does, like new versions of HTML5, Javascript, Bootstrap, CSS, and more.  Apple didn't put headphone jacks?  What?  That's right,  they didn't even put a headphone jack in their smartphone.  Who does that?   Android also has more login options and cu

Docker, is it bad?

Coronavirus quarantine Blog Post #10 ( what is the coronavirus quarantine blog post series?  click here to find out ) Docker is a system that allows you to create something called a container .  A container is like a virtual machine, you can run an app image in it from Docker.  An example: you can run GitLab CE through Docker, and it will be like running GitLab CE Through a virtual machine, so it has its own OS Space to do whatever it needs.  Docker isn't necessarily bad .  Docker is quite useful if you have an app you want to run on a machine, but a different app is using necessary requirements for the app you want to install.  Now, that may have sounded confusing to a lot of people, so let us give you an example.  Lets say you run CyberPanel (a website control panel system) on one of your machines.   CyberPanel would use port 80, 443, 8090, and more.  Now lets say you want to run an app on the same machine, but it would interfere with those ports being used on CyberPanel and it n

A secure and safe alternative to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Coronavirus quarantine Blog Post #9 ( what is the coronavirus quarantine blog post series?  click here to find out ) Facebook is a great social media platform, same with Twitter and Instagram.  The problem with all of these platforms, is they all track you.  When you turn your location off, Facebook still tracks your location.  This is a serious privacy issue that Facebook says is for "user verification".  Twitter does the same thing, along with them giving you ads based on your data.  Instagram listens to you and literally gives you ads based on what you say. A great alternative to these social media platforms is Mastodon.   Mastodon is an open source social media platform written in the Ruby language and JavaScript.  Mastodon is fully secure and used by over 500,000 people.  Mastodon also provides a mobile app for Android and iOS.  Mastodon also provides a direct/private messaging feature so you can privately message one of your friends.  Another alternative to Facebook, T

Normal Hard Disk/Drive vs Solid State Drive

Coronavirus quarantine Blog Post #8 ( what is the coronavirus quarantine blog post series?  click here to find out ) Normal Hard Drive (HDD/Hard Disk Drive) vs Solid State Drive (SSD). Most Modern Laptops use SSD's.  An SSD is basically a hard drive with no physical spinning disk and moving arm which reads the disk, which is what makes it so fast.  Think of an SSD like a giant SD Card.  On the other hand, an HDD has a spinning disk inside of it with a moving arm reading the disk, is more sensitive to movement, can be damaged if turned upsidedown or even slightly sideways, and can be damaged from rough movement.  HDD's are slower because the moving hand inside of the structure constantly moving on the spinning disk to read data and transmit it to a computer.  SSD's simply send data to a computer instantly instead of needing to read a spinning disk with a moving arm.  SSD's also have a longer lifespan.  90% of HDD's have a lifespan of about 3.5 years, and 80% have a l

Internet Bandwidth

Coronavirus quarantine Blog Post #7 ( what is the coronavirus quarantine blog post series?  click here to find out ) Internet Bandwidth is the speed and data limit of your internet.  The average internet speed for people in the United States is around 85 MBPS (megabytes per second).  It is recommended to have at least 1 Terabyte (1000 Gigabytes) of internet data (a bandwidth limit).  Your internet speed may slow down or completely stop if you go over your bandwidth limit.  Internet service providers also do what is called throttling (looking at you mostly AT&T) , to slow down your internet speed intentionally, and then usually come up with an excuse for it.  For example, your internet provider may say they detected prohibited traffic on your network, when they probably didn't.  To avoid this you can usually use a VPN, but your internet provider might throttle your network if they detect VPN traffic, as VPN traffic is not very hard to detect.  They do this because they want to m

The things wrong with CloudFlare and

Coronavirus quarantine Blog Post #6 ( what is the coronavirus quarantine blog post series?  click here to find out ) CloudFlare is one of the biggest DNS and Proxy providers, which also owns a popular internet service which is said to make your internet speeds faster, called  CloudFlare is used by thousands of huge organizations, such as DiscordApp.  When you enable CloudFlare's free proxy and/or internet service (, it actually tracks every single little DNS Query you make, and they store these DNS Query's in their database.  Because of a ton of websites using CloudFlare, they will be able to figure out who you are across websites.  For example, you might be chatting with your friends on DiscordApp, and then you go to to manage your profile. will know who you are, and that you came from DiscordApp.  CloudFlare also takes this information about what websites you visit and how you found some websites, and sell it to other company's.  Wh

Why you shouldn't use Zoom App

Coronavirus quarantine Blog Post #5 ( what is the coronavirus quarantine blog post series?  click here to find out ) Zoom is a conferencing services company. It provides a remote conferencing service that combines video conferencing, online meetings, chat, and mobile collaboration. Some reasons why you should  NOT use Zoom. Vulnerability: Zoom is not very secure.  If someone is experienced enough to know their way around certain databases, they can enter the Zoom Database and view ongoing meetings and calls, and join a meeting.  Hackers can also view the zoom meeting password, ID, and Invite Link.  Zoom is also not currently fully stable, meaning you could find a simple glitch and take advantage of it.  For example, you could find a simple glitch in the settings menu that says Settings, and then Kick, and then you can kick a user from the meeting (this glitch does not exist, but several other glitches have been found).  Other information like your IP Address (which can be used to find

What AntiVirus should you use?

Coronavirus quarantine Blog Post #4 ( what is the coronavirus quarantine blog post series?  click here to find out ) AntiViruses are one of the most common software ever.  They are on the majority of desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.  Some devices even come with a built-in AntiVirus like Windows and ChromeOS. What does an AntiVirus do exactly?: An AntiVirus is a software that detects computer threats (viruses/malware) and eliminates them.  Some AntiViruses have a  Firewall included.  A firewall is a system that does not allow any hackers or network attackers to attack your network.  This also limits what ports are open, if a certain port is open, attackers can access that port and use it to get into your network system and steal data.  A port is a number that certain services like your wifi connection and firewall run on.  A firewall could run on port 2055 (random number), and if port 2055 is not open, the firewall will not work.  The same goes for your wifi connection.

Does your internet provider spy on you?

Coronavirus quarantine Blog Post #3 ( what is the coronavirus quarantine blog post series?  click here to find out ) It is a fact that your ISP (Internet Service Provider) spy's on what you do on the internet. This is why we have partnered up with LimeVPN as a VPN Company recommended by Swivro.  LimeVPN offers a 30 Days money-back guarantee with its cheap VPN Plans which you can view at . Without LimeVPN, your ISP Has access to view every single thing you do on the internet.  Even when you are talking to your friends or family, they have the ability to see all the messages you send.  When you use LimeVPN, your connection is proxied through the LimeVPN blazing fast servers so your ISP is blocked from seeing what you do on the internet while you are connected to the LimeVPN Servers.  Without connecting to LimeVPN, ISP's also have the ability to sell your data.  ISP's use the data from what websites you visit and use it to put ad's on some w

What's the right OS for you?

Coronavirus quarantine Blog Post #2 ( what is the coronavirus quarantine blog post series?  click here to find out )   What's the right OS for you? (fun fact: it was proven that Android is better than iOS in almost every way) Windows isn't always the way to go: So, there's a lot of different OS's out there on the internet, with a majority of them being based off of the Linux Kernel.  A huge majority of people also use Windows and Mac. Why you should use Linux: You might be thinking, "There's no point in switching to Linux, I like the OS I use right now". Well, let's talk about Apple Mac first.  Mac is made by a company that practically scam's its customers (Apple).  Apple charges a ridiculous amount of money for features that you can add to almost any phone for free.  macOS and iOS are extremely limited.  You can barely customize anything.  To even use macOS you need to buy a MacBook or an "iMac" desktop.  There is a tool called Hackintos

Why Bitcoin is nonsense

Coronavirus quarantine Blog Post #1 ( what is the coronavirus quarantine blog post series?  click here to find out ) Have you heard of Bitcoin?  If you haven't, here's a brief description of it: Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. It is a decentralized digital currency without a central bank or single administrator that can be sent from user to user on the peer-to-peer bitcoin network without the need for intermediaries. Bitcoin is nearly pointless, and nonsense.  Bitcoin isn't really used for much, besides purchasing products and/or services without any traceback.  When you exchange Bitcoin to USD, it isn't always guaranteed to work, meaning there is a risk of losing everything you worked for.  If you are thinking of moving your billing system or some kind of financial system to Bitcoin, think twice.  You should never invest in Bitcoin, Bitcoin is simply never going to grow across the world and be used as a global currency.  Currency's should be easy, and simple, and Bitc

GitPear was released.

A free-to-use online Git Service which includes the ability to manage repositories, projects, organizations, and teams. GitPear is also a great alternative to GitHub, GitLab, and BitBucket. Click here to visit GitPear