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Showing posts from March, 2020

DiscordApp Portable Released

Discord Portable has just been released.  Discord Portable is a app for your desktop which is an alternative to using the main Discord desktop app which is bigger and is not portable.  Discord Portable is also an alternative to using Discord Online, as it sometimes uses less CPU Usage and is perfect for you if you need to quickly open discord and message someone. See discord portable on our Projects Page or GitLab

Learn Coding for free

Because of the Coronavirus quarantine, we will be providing links for you to learn coding for free!   Click on one of the tutorials to go to the tutorial for it. Python Guide/Tutorial PHP Guide/Tutorial Build a simple Webpage with HTML+CSS Guide/Tutorial C# (C Sharp) Guide/Tutorial Javascript Guide/Tutorial Java Guide/Tutorial Ruby Guide/Tutorial C++ Guide/Tutorial C Guide/Tutorial Perl Guide/Tutorial

LearnHTML was Released

LearnHTML Was released today. With LearnHTML, you can quickly and easily learn the basics of website design with HTML and CSS coding in under 15 minutes. LearnHTML teaches you mostly CSS too, including Spacing, Font, Color & Contrast, Balance, Primary Color, and Centering. Learn basic HTML Quickly for free by clicking the link below.